Air Freight Management Software

Air freight forwarding is the process of organizing and planning the transport of freight from one point to another by air. Digitization is presenting new challenges, and opportunities for freight forwarders left no option other than to adopt cloud technology for air freight forwarders companies. The success of today’s air freight forwarders depends on the effective utilization of advanced software and technology.

Air freight management software improves efficiency by automating the entire air freight operations and saves time and reduces errors by allowing one-time data entry. An advanced airfreight forwarding software supports all processes for handling air cargo, including real-time tracking, control of daily air freight operations, booking orders, quotations that help in saving time and increase efficiency.

Freight forwarders around the world are experiencing constantly growing demands to provide high-quality service at a low cost. With such challenging market conditions and growing competitions, freight forwarders need to adopt a sophisticated software solution that allows them to manage their business effectively.

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Softlink Global Provides Freight Forwarders with Innovative, Easy-to-Use, and very Powerful ERP Software Logi-Sys that helps in Automating the End-to-End Air Freight Forwarding Operations

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Logi-Sys is a cloud-based state of the art and flexible freight forwarding software that helps in automating the freight forwarding operations in a single system. The application links every aspect of freight forwarding within the system that automatically manages the shipments processed efficiently. Softlink’s air freight forwarding software, Logi-Sys, builds agility and ability to respond to the rapid changes in the industry. This innovative software platform creates unmatched business values for freight forwarders and helps them to stay one step ahead of the competition. It is tightly integrated with other modules so that all information flows from operations to billing and client reporting seamlessly.

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    Maximize Operational Efficiency and Profitability

    Logi-Sys, universally recognized as the best in class software for air freight forwarder. It provides a sophisticated way for freight forwarders to integrate their entire operations, all branches, and all the stakeholders of the supply chain into a single software platform. This dynamic, automated, and flexible approach allows freight forwarders to leverage the air freight forwarding process can eliminate manual paperwork processes and reduce operational costs by up to 40%.

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    Effective Management of International / Domestic Inbound and Outbound Freight Forwarding

    Logi-Sys is an end-to-end freight forwarding software that provides easy and effective management of International as well as Domestic freight forwarding for both Import and Export activities. The Freight Management System of air freight software controls both Inbound and Outbound freight forwarding for various modes Air, Sea, and Land transportation.

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    Complete Air Freight Customs Documentations with Single Data Entry

    With our air freight forwarding module of Logi-Sys, you can manage the entire airfreight customs documents for import and export directly from the system. The air freight management application provides complete air cargo management, including all the necessary documentations like Air waybill (AWB), House Air Waybill (HAWB), etc. for total control over your operations. AWB & HAWB, Direct, Consolidation, and Back To Back Shipments. The system manages Domestic Shipment, AWB / HAWB Stock, Flight Schedule, Freight Rates (Buying / Selling / Quotation), Airline Commission, Incentives, Commission & Profit Sharing, Shipment Forms, MIS Reports, User-Configurable Documents, Auto Pre-Alert to Affiliate Company for shipment, e-AWBWIN Integration (For WCA Members), AES (For US Customs) and more.