Warehouse Management Software

Warehousing is the process of storing goods in a planned space for the efficient management and handling of goods and materials. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc.

Warehousing operations are complex and driven by information. Accurate documentation and process-oriented approaches help to simplify, control and optimize warehouse operations. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) plays a very crucial role in the supply chain by converting day to day warehouse activities into efficient business processes.

Warehouse Management Software aims to control the movements and storage of materials within the warehouse and process the related transactions, including shipping, receiving, stocking, and picking. 

Globally the warehouse owners are registering difficulties to meet customer expectations, time management, and inventory accuracy/ tracking, redundant processes, product diversification, reduce errors, space management, and visibility.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Softlink’s Automated Warehouse Management Software helps you to bring Increased Productivity and Profitability to Stay Competitive

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Our smart warehouse management solution Logi-Sys is the most advanced software to perform all the complex processes of the warehousing industry in a single system to manage huge data flow in the warehousing industry. The WMS gives you business-wide traceability, employee accountability, and real-time tracking and responsiveness integrated with inventory and management.

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    Enhanced Inventory Management

    Logi-Sys can streamline the entire inward and outward process to enhance productivity multiple times. It enables to optimize the warehouse storage and distribution operations with the comprehensive management system designed to offer complete control. You can benefit from improved Space Management, Enhanced Inventory Controls, and Faster Throughput.

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    Integrated with Forwarding Operations

    The system can manage Advance Ship Notice (ASN), Goods Receipts (GR), Putaway, Pickup, Goods Issue Order (GIO), and Inventory Management to Invoicing. It allows CSV and documents uploads and prints and marks QR code for every product to handle any size of the warehouse, integrated with transport and freight forwarding businesses.

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    Scalable Multi Warehouse Management

    Our Warehouse Management Software Logi-Sys can easily be configured to fit the present scale of your business from a small warehouse with few orders to larger, multi-warehouse operations and is scalable to match the future growth of your business.

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    Integrated with Other Modules of Logi-Sys

    The WMS module can integrate with other modules of Logi-Sys such as Finance & Accounts, Sales & Service, etc. to create a comprehensive logistics management system. Through integration with your transportation and forwarding operations, the system considerably reduces the high volume of data-entry to ensure data transparency across departments and geographies.

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    Real-Time Tracking

    The system helps you in receiving information in real-time via an integrated module of Logi-Sys. Receive online booking and dispatch confirmation, auto alerts and notifications, location management, stock visibility, periodic billing, alerts on exceptions, goods attributes tracking in real-time through Logi-Sys mobile app.

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    Improved Customer Service

    Logi-Sys’s warehouse management system can help you to reduce lead time by enhancing inventory movement processes right from product order to shipment. The system allows serving your customers better with efficient and accurate inventory records, thus providing a just-in-time environment.