Single Integrated Solution For Customs Brokers In India

Logi-Sys PRO is Single Integrated Cloud ERP for Customs Brokers in India that can help you in managing the business, including Billing, Accounting, Sales, and Customer Service. It is a Next Generation Cloud-based solution designed to meet the specific needs of the industry – One Business One Solution. Logi-Sys PRO gives users the advantage of a single software that manages the customs operations from the initial sales to customer service and also fulfills complete Billing, Accounting, and Tax Compliance requirements. It is an integrated complete customs solution for your logistics and freight company.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Give our experts a call to discover how our innovative solutions could help your business.

Logi-Sys PRO Automates, Streamlines and Integrates the Customs Clearance Processes to Enhance Operational Efficiency, Improve Customer Service and Increase Profitability. It is an Advanced and Feature-Packed ERP for Customs Brokers that help Your Business to be more Process Oriented, Productive, and Profitable.

Logi-Sys PRO Automates, Streamlines, and Integrates the processes to Enhance Operational Efficiency, Improve Customer Service and Increase Profitability. It is an advanced and feature-packed ERP for Customs Brokers that helps your business to be more process-oriented, productive, and profitable. Logi-Sys Pro is Easy to Implement and Easy to Use and is available on a 'Pay as You Go' model.

With Logi-Sys Pro, you can file GST compliance with accuracy and speed as the Financial Accounting system combined with Operations in a Single integrated solution. This system makes fulfilling GST requirements far simpler and helps you keep your organization penalty-free.

The single integrated customs solutions help to manage the entire process from the system directly. The system helps to automate shipment expenses, e-signing of invoices, set credit limit, check job profitability, control expenses, monitor cash-flow, automated payment follow up and generate digitally signed Tax Invoice and bank reconciliations from the system directly.

Modules of Logi-Sys PRO

  • Customs Broking (India) Customs Broking (India)
  • Financial Accounting Financial Accounting
  • Billing Billing
  • Sales Marketing Sales & Marketing
  • Better Customer Service Customer Service
  • Advanced Reports Analytics Tools Advanced Reports and Analytics Tools

Customs Broking (India)

Logi-sys PRO efficiently manages customs compliances as set by domestic and international regulatory body on the application. The application can sync with the local customs application with ease.

The system manages all the complex and dynamic regulatory requirements digitally and automates the documentation processes, tax calculation and duty calculation and data management from a single window to comply with every requirement.

Financial Accounting

The finance control management helps to manage accounting, billing and invoicing digitally to eliminate revenue leakages, better cash flow, centralized payment system, credit control supported with customizable MIS reports to make informed decision making. All aspects of your accounting are directly linked with operations in this single integrated software thereby facilitating the elimination of errors and improving speed and accuracy of transactions. Every aspect of GST compliance including billing, revenues, tax, duties & reimbursements, inter-branch transactions, etc. can be done more accurately and speedily.


The automated billing module helps to manage Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Outstanding, Credits, Generation of Balance Sheet, and other accounting reports with other operational activities of the logistics business. The system efficiently manages multiple currencies exchanges, shipment history, Billing registers, Direct Posting from operations, and Unbilled job reports.

Sales & Marketing

The latest cloud based customs application Logi-Sys PRO is integrated with sales and services module to help the logistics providers of any to manage sales and marketing activities to bring profitability and productivity for any size of logistics business.

The customs application can manages the entire sales life-cycle right from the Marketing Campaigns, Revenue Targets, Leads and Opportunities to Client Acquisition and Customer Service. The software provides 360˚ Visibility to management and ensures robust process to increase sales and generate revenue.

Customer Service

Logi-Sys PRO provides CRM portal to provide excellent customer experiences for logistics and supply chain industry for complete visibility to LSP’s customers with alerts and notifications on mobile apps.

The system provides real-time tracking to shippers along with history of shipments and associated documents. Shippers can also view and download their Outstanding Payments, Print Invoices, and Approve Draft BL/AWB. Integrated Mobile Application enables shippers to check shipment status any time anywhere.

Advanced Reports and Analytics Tools

The systems stores all your past data and history provides intelligent insights to make a better financial decision and also, helps in predicting the high performing customers and enables financial control on the overall logistics and freight business.

Benefits of Logi-Sys PRO

Increase the Effectiveness of Sales initiatives

Increased Effectiveness of CRM

Increase Effectiveness of Sales initiatives right from receiving enquiries to generating leads till conversion and customer service in a single integrated platform.

Control Cash Flow and Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Single data entry eliminates duplications of work and human errors for multiple outputs across departments helps in reducing operational costs.

Offer exceptional Service to Customer

Exceptional Customer Service

Offer 24X7 services to customers with complete visibility of shipment tracking features & alerts on business activities through mobile app.

Dashboard to track payments, outstanding, receivables, and follow-up

Alerts and Notifications

Receive real-time alerts and notifications on the dashboard to track payments, outstanding, receivables and follow-ups.

Greater Financial Control

Automate financial accounting with integrated financial accounting for management of credits, control cash-flow and payments in a single system.

Greater Financial Control

Better Decision Making

Get Financial Reports, MIS Reports and Customer Financial Reports direct in the system for better and timely decision making.

Improve Billing Accuracy and timelines

Improve Billing Accuracy and Timelines

Generate every shipment invoices on time and accurately as the system records all the data and employees can prepare the bill directly from the system.

Enhance the Efficiency of Customs Broking processes

Enhanced Customs Broking processes

Increase efficiency in the customs clearance process with 100 percent updated documentations and customs compliance.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence

The System provides Business Intelligence through MIS reporting, automated inventory control to measure revenue, and accurate financial forecasting with user-friendly charts and graphs.